I'd like to thank the following people and institutions for their invaluable assistance in this research: Norman Harold Merklee; Warren Fox Merklee; Rose Percoco Merklee; Beverly Merklee; Benjamin Franklin Merklee III; Benjamin Franklin Merklee IV; Mae Merklee Ott; Carol Capozzi; Lesley Wischmann; Arlene Stalzer; Ramona Church; Merklee L. Arnold; Helen Marie Chapman; Charles Lambros; Wanda Anderson; Cor Snabel; Dave Herring; Thelma Jurewicz; Sandy Swanson; Paul Dean; Marion & Terry Yacona; Clarence Anspake; Walter Baroody; Shirley Farrone; Kathleen Olsen; Ellen Donohoe; RootsWeb;; Yates Publishing; LDS Family History Center, Emerson, NJ; Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY; Harleigh Cemetery, Camden, NJ; Mount Feake Cemetery, Waltham, MA; Forest Hills Cemetery, Glen Ellyn, IL; the City of Burlington, NJ; the City of Waltham, MA; the City of Mendocino, CA; the Social Security Administration; The Historical Society of Pennsylvania; The National Archives, New York Branch; Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online; The New York Public Library; The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society; and the New York City Archives.

- Bill Merklee
Wanaque, NJ