Descendants of Coenraad Merkle
(Conrad Merklee)

First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation

Coenraad is believed to have come to America from Rotterdam aboard the ship Rebecca in 1804. Since his fourth child, Anna Margaretha, was born in 1804, and his next child, John, in 1808, it seems likely that Coenraad went to New York on his own and later sent for his family. His surname first appears as MERKLEE in the baptismal record for his daughter Maria Elisabeth (by his second wife) and remains MERKLEE though the baptismal records of the subsequent three children. In the baptismal record of his son Carel Fredrik MERCKLE (by his first wife, Elisabeth HUIJBERS), Coenraad's surname appears as MERCLE. He was living on the Pijpenmarkt (market for pipes) at the time of his second marriage.

The marriage record from the Amsterdam archives states Margaretha's parents were deceased at the time of her marriage to Coenraad. The Amsterdam baptismal records for her children give her name as Anna Elisabeth MEERKARD, Margaretha MERCARD, Anna Margaretha MEERKART, and Margaretha MEERKART. Margaretha was living in the Egelantiersgracht (an area or street in Amsterdam) at the time of her marriage to Coenraad.

In addition to tracing the descent of the MERKLEE name, these pages also trace a considerable number of the descendants of Wandle MACE and Margaret MERKLEE as well as those of Daniel BEITLER and Mary Ann Eliza MERKLEE.

Only names have been provided for persons known or believed to be living. The names of known living minors have been omitted.

This is a work in progress. Any additional information is always appreciated.